Who We Are

The Celeb Group, LLC specializes in personal management and consultant services for the entertainment and sports industries by providing a creative medium for its clients and tailor-fitting its expertise to the specific needs of its clients. We provide more core career component services than almost any other company serving these industries.

The considerable and collective experience and expertise of the founder, officers, staff and strategic partners of The Celeb Group (“The TCG Team”) cover personal management, music, television and motion picture production, galas, special events and concerts, sports, politics, digital marketing and promotion, merchandising, and music and book publishing. Nationally recognized legal, business management and accounting firms back our expertise.

Using cutting edge digital and social marketing and promotional campaigns to develop comprehensive, strategic career plans for well-established artists and athletes as well as those at the launch of a career, is what distinguishes The Celeb Group from its competitors and makes it one of the most unique entertainment, sports marketing and entertainment consulting companies in the world.