Our Services

There are four core component areas in our entertainment and sports portfolio. Here is an overview of the four.

Personal Management

The collective personal management experience of the founder, officers and staff represent over 200 years. From superstars to newbies, we’ve handled them all. From artist development (a long lost art) to vocal training to stage presence to image and styling, our wide-ranging approach to your career is unimpeachable.

We represent individuals and companies in every facet of the entertainment industry including singers; bands; musicians and composers; writers (music & literary), record producers; sound engineers; hair, makeup and clothing stylists; arrangers, music production companies, independent record labels, choreographers and dancers.

We handle every aspect of your career: from negotiations to marketing to personal appearances to film and television appearances to developing and building your fan base to developing your brand.

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Film & Televisiont

We produce television shows and films.

We represent actors, actresses, film companies, production companies, producers, directors, reporters, script writers, set designers, soundtrack music directors, animators, lighting designers, set designers, video directors, and videographers.

We shop television and film projects, both in-house and independent. We package film and television deals, pairing executive producers, producers, directors, writers and actors.

We have negotiated trendsetting television contracts for news anchors and reporters.

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Galas & Special Events

We specialize in entertainment and sports production of galas and special events. We take the stress and strain out of the planning by handling the negotiations and booking of talent, stage design, construction and crew, lighting design and crew, television screens, sound, seating setup, green room, pre and post receptions, step & repeat, red carpet, videographers, photographers, and after-parties.

We handle the two little critical things too that can make or break your event:

  • Event Theme. We theme your event to any idea you have, making sure the décor meets your expectations from linen, to chair backs, cakes, candles, center pieces, lighting, special lighting, and gift bags, down to the right forks, knives, dishes, etc.
  • Invitations. We work with you to establish and create your invitation database, then handle the creation and distribution of invitations (electronically or paper), guest follow ups & reminders, VIP lists – keeping you up-to-date in every phase.

No more dealing with vendors, haggling about price and worrying if it’s going to come together. We give you a “turn-key event”! All you have to do is “show up”!

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Sports Marketing

Nothing is more important to an athlete today than branding. Success in the stadium, in the arena, on the field or on the track, without a successful branding strategy, is marginalized.

We analyze your brand, develop a cohesive strategic branding strategy, and help you execute the plan. We help you monetize, protect and grow your brand, even seeking international exposure. And, we make sure you elevate your brand into fan awareness and loyalty.

We seek endorsements and partnerships with other brands and help develop special events and programs to further promote and grow your brand.

And, through our sister company, Web Net 1, we will simultaneous develop and execute the all-important and critical element in modern brand marketing – a social media/digital marketing campaign to increase your fan base and strengthen your brand. What’s more important than directly reaching your fans, one-on-one? Nothing!

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