Consulting Services

We consult on a number of essential services to those we do not represent for management. Our services are available to established stars and professionals and those just starting their careers.

Contract Negotiations

Are you about to sign a record deal? Movie contract? TV Contract? Production Deal? Do you have an independent record company seeking a distribution deal? Are you about to sign with a management firm, publicist or agent and need your contract reviewed, or assistance with the negotiations?

Do you have an existing deal that you think is unfair based on your sales? Do you have a contract on the table, but are having second thoughts about its terms?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our Contract Negotiation services are for you.

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Artist Development

For most in today’s music industry, “Artist Development” is something they know little, if anything about. Why? Because today’s record companies have abandoned this fundamentally important career service. As a consequence many of today’s artists who have hit records and huge popularity fall flat when they appear in person or in interviews or in the way they dress or present themselves.

Artist Development is “old school.” While the term is used by some to suggest it means out-of-touch and no longer relevant, nothing could be further from the truth to your career! Even if you have chart success and have toured, this basic service can be of enormous benefit to your longevity as an artist.

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Nothing is more important today than branding. Without a successful branding strategy, success is marginalized.

In association with our strategic partner Web Net 1, we will consult with you on your brand and web presence and develop a solid branding strategy that will help you monetize, protect and grow your brand. This strategy will include a campaign to build a strong fan base, grow your fan base and develop strong fan loyalty.

We will consult with you on endorsements, partnerships with other brands and help develop special events and programs to further promote and grow your brand.

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Tour Management

Are you an established artist and aren’t happy about how your last tour went; and you’d like to make some changes for an upcoming tour to make sure it’s successful?

Are you a new artist who has never toured before and want to understand what’s needed for a successful tour?

Or do you simply want to put the tour management in someone else’s hands and not have to worry about anything except getting on the plane, bus or train, checking in your hotel and going to the gig?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our Tour Management Services are for you.

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