Tour Management

You’ve got a hit record, it’s climbing the charts, your single is on fire, your CD is selling like mad. Your record company and manager say there’s huge demand for you to tour – your fans now want to see you live and in person. Your business manager says, it’s time to make the money!

What’s next? You’re got to mount a tour. Hire the roadies. Build sets? Hire the band. What about a sound director? Lighting director? Stage manager? Valet? Limos? Travel arrangements (hotel, air, ground transportation). Luggage? Vans? Routing?

Holy cow!

Yes. It’s a lot. If you successfully toured before and have a team in place, then you don’t need us or these services. But if you’re a new artist, or you weren’t satisfied with the services you got on your previous tour, then take a look at the services we provide:

We will work with your agency, if you wish, to assist with routing. This is very important in holding down expenses and maxing out your profit. A well planned itinerary also cuts down on your wear and tear and that of your entourage. An efficient itinerary equals more in your pocket at the end of the tour.
If you don’t already have a Tour Manager, based on availability, we will help you find one of the best and work with the Tour Manager on ensuring the tour runs efficiently.
If you don’t already have a Road Manager, based on availability, we will help you secure one of the best and work in synch with the Tour and Road Manager to ensure the success of your tour.
Through our strategic partner, Provident Financial Management, we will ensure your financial and accounting functions, including collections of funds, disbursements, tour support financials, tour budgets, reconciliations, payments to artist, band and crew, tax reports, tax filings, and reports to artist and managers are made properly and on time.
Once your itinerary is set, we will handle all of your travel arrangements. Air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets. Ground transportation: limos, vans for airport pickup for artist, entourage & luggage and to and from the venue. Hotels. Tour busses.