Artist Development

We admit it. We’re old school. And for you, that’s a good thing. We’re offering a service hard to find today – Artist Development.

What’s included in our Artist Development Services?

If you agree the following services will help you develop, grow and sustain a long-lasting career, then be sure to contact us about these services:

How to move, how to handle the mike, rapport with your audience, stage confidence, stressing natural abilities, diminishing weaknesses, what not to do onstage, how to deal with stage fright, how to prepare yourself for each show.
How to properly use your vocal cords. How to breathe. When to inhale and exhale. Vocal cord exercises. How to strengthen your voice. How to manage long shows & back to back shows vocally. How to grow & stress your range. Nutrition & its importance to your voice.
What is your image? How to match the direction of a project with your image. What hairstyles look best on you? Makeup for movies, TV and film and stage – they’re all different, right? What colors do you look best in? Preparation for a photo shoot. Preparation for stage. Preparation for television & film.
Yes, that’s right. You need media coaching. How to handle the press. How to handle interviews. How to deal with impromptu reporters. How to handle the paparazzi. What is the best way to answer a question? What is the best way to avoid an unpleasant question? How to stay calm. How to be funny in an interview. How to disarm the questioner. How to get your message out during an interview.